Basic information :

Czech family business

Specialised in the manufacture of non-standard tooling

In business since: 1990

Number of employees: 102

Scope of business :

•  sale of professional tooling and metalworking consultancy

•  manufacture of special tools for high-speed machining

•  tool sharpening

•  manufacture of moulds for injection moulding

•  manufacture of tooling fixtures

•  CNC machining

•  3D design

•  installation and servicing of filtration systems for metal working applications

•  certified inspections


Certification :

•  ISO 9001:2000

•  ISO 14001:1996

Main customer industries :

•  precision mechanical engineering

•  automotive industry and electrical engineering


At the core of our business activities is a customer-oriented and flexible approach. The main aim of our business is to develop long-term ties with our customers by introducing new technologies and enhancing the quality and reliability of our products and services.

We and our team look forward to doing business with you.