Company NAREX Ždánice, with almost 70 years old tradition, is specialized on production of taps of high-speed steels (HSS) and extra high-speed steels (HSSE). Between standard assortment produced here are included: machine taps for full variety of different materials, forming taps, nut taps, hand taps and dies.

Beside the standard production programme we also produce special thread-cutting tools. We have long-term experience in production of treadcutting tools and today we are the biggest producer in Czech Republic and one of the largest producers in middle Europe.

Our major aim is to keep Your favour and strengthen Your trust into mark of NAREX products.

narex_zdanice_pohled_na_firmu_smThe history of the company NAREX Zdanice Ltd. dates back to 1938, when the artistic tinsmith and metalworker Otakar Šmíd commenced the production of decorative objects made of non-ferrous metals in Zdanice under the name KOVODÍLNY. His enterprise developed successfuly, though the war prevented him from continuing along his chosen path, and the use of non-ferrous metals for exclusively war purposes resulted in the stagnation of production. In an effort to maintain production he began manufacturing taps in 1941, and later circular screwing dies.


Company development:

1943 – MIKRO a. s.
1954 – KOVOVÉ NÁSTROJE n. p.
1958 – NÁŘADÍ Zdanice company -part of NÁŘADÍ Praha n. p.
1963 – NÁŘADÍ Bučovice company established
1980 – NÁŘADÍ Zdanice company -part of NÁŘADÍ Praha k. p., within the framework of TST
1988 – NAREX Zdanice production company – part of NAREX Praha s. p. 1990 – NAREX Zdanice s. p.
1990 – Since 1. 11. státní podnik NAREX Zdanice
1991 – Since 1. 1. NAREX Zdanice a. s.
1993 – the Bučovice branch separated from NAREX Zdanice spol. s r.o.
1999 – Since 1. 10. NAREX Zdanice, Ltd.